Clean oil is vital to your engine’s performance. Dirty oil and/or improperly managed oil change intervals can lead to accelerated engine wear and costly engine rebuilds and in most cases can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. By using the proper lube filter, you can minimize the possibility of downtime and repairs, ensuring your equipment’s operation in the toughest conditions. Lube filters trap oil contaminants providing you the excellent coverage and quality you demand.


Dirty fuel is a fact of life. Even with the development of cleaner-burning fuels, contaminants, such as water, which is among the most harmful, are still a major concern when it comes to fuel systems. Fuel filters protect all sensitive components, such as injection pumps and injectors, from damaging contaminants, which include water, fungus and bacteria, precipitates (non-combustible materials,) particulates (black, tar-like contaminants) and wax among others.


Clean air is critical to your engine’s performance and productivity. A modern diesel engine requires several thousand times as much air as it does fuel for efficient combustion. Hence, proper air filtration is very important because just a small amount of dirt can possibly cause a tremendous amount of engine damage. The purpose of the air filter is to keep damaging contaminants away from sensitive engine components and ensure long system life.


Clean fluid is necessary to prolong system life. With the need for closer tolerances, faster cycle times, higher pressures and extended service intervals, more demand is being placed on the hydraulic filter. Improving system fluid cleanliness levels, providing better cold start performance and meeting service interval expectations are the primary objectives in the design of our hydraulic products. Maintaining system cleanliness through proper filtration is essential to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Hydraulic Filters


Poor cooling system maintenance causes an estimated 40% of all premature engine failures. Prevent damage with cooling system products that will protect your engine by trapping contaminants and distributing Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) into your cooling system. We offer coolant filters with two SCA formulations to meet specific engine needs. A full line of cooling system maintenance products — cooling system cleaner, liquid additives, coolant test kits and filters — will keep your engine running at peak performance.


Cabin air filters are becoming more common in automotive and heavy-duty on- and off-highway applications as they provide added protection. These filters reduce the amount of airborne pollutants and particles entering the interior of a vehicle by capturing dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants. A cabin air filter will protect passengers from airborne bacteria, dust and smog reducing their accumulation in the vehicle’s interior and increase air conditioning, heat output and performance.

Cabin Air Filters


DAHL’s functional dual-chamber 3-stage diesel fuel filter/water separators provide efficient suction side water separation and contaminant filtration. The key is the unique DAHL patented depressurizer cone, which spreads the flow of the fuel. With more area to flow over, greater separation of water and dirt from the fuel is achieved. The DAHL fuel filter/water separator unit removes virtually 100% of the water and most of the contaminants from the fuel.


Poor lubrication causes about 36% of all premature bearing failures. A centralized lubrication system performs the task of supplying individual lube points or groups of points with varying amounts of exactly metered lubricant from one central location to meet their different needs. Realize the true potential of lubrication to increase productivity, reduce premature bearing failures and machine downtime and increase energy efficiency.

Centralized Lubrication Systems


For over 35 years we custom design and manufacture high-quality filters that cover your needs, exceed your expectations and respect the environment. A leader in mobile filtration, our company has a rich tradition of product and design innovation. Committed to coverage and quality our custom-made filters will perform at peak and provide the protection required. To learn more about Filtreco and our custom made filtration products, please contact us or visit our store.